Saint John

Saint John New Brunswick Events Calendar and List of Attractions

Saint John is a lively, fun city with lots to do and see year round. We hope you’ll use this page of upcoming special events to help you plan your fun-filled visit to St. John, New Brunswick We’ve got cultural and sporting events, exhibitions, special home and boat shows, wine-tasting events and so much more.

More to do in Saint John, New Brunswick

The Fundy Bay Festival

The Fundy Bay Festival is a non-profit based festival; “by the people, for the people”. It is a multi-cultural event celebrating the different genres of music and performing arts throughout Canada, for all ages.


Composed of a vibrant volunteer Board of Directors, with many years of experience organizing arts and cultural events, within our community; their mandate is to encourage artists to showcase their many talents and cultures, regardless of age, social or economic standing.


The Fundy Bay Festival offers a combination of free outside performances for everyone to enjoy. Ticketed performances will be at venues in many districts of the city, so that it is accessible both financially and geographically to the greatest number of people living in, or visiting the Saint John area.


Saint John Buskers on the Boardwalk Festival

The streets of Saint John come alive with the arrival of buskers! They sing, they dance, they play and they act - both indoors and out. This is the only buskers festival in the province and every year it garners bigger crowds.

Along with hundreds of performances, there are amusement rides, games and face painting.


StreetBeat Performance and Concert Series

Forty-five free concerts in July and August with various uptown Saint John artists, times and venues. Daily noon shows in the uptown area. City Market’s Unplugged Concerts are held every Saturday morning.


Santa Claus Parade

An annual event for boys and girls of all ages! Over 100 floats colourfully light up Saint John's uptown streets in a wintry wonderland. The official arrival of Santa Claus to the City!

Pre-parade activities take place at Market Square and Brunswick Square, with magicians, special guests, face painting, entertainment and various other activities.


Continental Drift International Short Film Festival

This festival provides an annual showcase for independent short films from around the world. It will provide the Atlantic Canadian audience exposure to exciting contemporary films to which they would otherwise have limited access. It will strive to present the works of new and less-exhibited filmmakers from around the world to a North American audience.


Top five attractions in Saint John

The Reversing Falls

The Reversing Falls is a unique phenomenon caused by the tremendous tide in the Bay of Fundy - the highest tides in the world. The bay's tidal action is affected by the funnel shape of the bay and by the moon's phases.


It is recommended to view the Falls twice - near low tide and near high tide. A film presentation of the Reversing Falls can be viewed in the Rooftop Theatre at the Falls Restaurant for a small fee.


Reversing Falls Jet Boat / Harbour Tour

Challenge the phenomenal Reversing Falls aboard our specially designed jet boats. Hold on tight as you splash your way into whirlpools, white caps and rapids created by the tremendous tides of the Bay of Fundy. This is the only way to experience the power of the mighty Reversing Falls! " A MUST DO" in Saint John, New Brunswick. We also offer relaxing tours of the Saint John Harbour and the Falls. Take off for a sightseeing tour where you will witness the phenomenon of the famous Reversing Falls and its whirlpools, discover historic sites, the port and even meet with seals.


New Brunswick Museum

The New Brunswick Museum was established in 1842 and is the oldest continuing museum in Canada. The museum recently (1996) moved to a new city centre location at Market Square. The previous building on Douglas Avenue, used since 1934 to house exhibit galleries, is now the home of the New Brunswick Museum Library and Archives, offices, and storage. The Market Square location allows the Museum to display up to 40% of its collection at once, whereas the former location allowed less that 5%.


Carleton Martello Tower (National Historic Site)

Carleton Martello Tower in West Saint John, was constructed for the War of 1812, a conflict resulting from strained relations between Great Britain and the United States of America. New Brunswick was valued for its overland route to Canada and as an advance post for Halifax. Work began on the tower in 1812 but by the time it was completed, in 1815, the war had ended.


Rockwood Park

At Rockwood Park, fun and outdoor adventure is never out of season! Summer is playtime, with swimming, camping, BBQ's, golfing… the list goes on and on. Come fall, the hiking is breathtaking when the forest turns into a brilliant canopy of red, yellow, and gold. With the first snowfall, Rockwood is transformed into a Winter Wonderland. Enjoy sleigh rides, cross country skiing, and skating. Finally, in spring, 2,200 acres of budding leaves and blooming wildflowers welcome the warm weather and sun back to Rockwood Park.